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Welcome to the Schweik Restaurant,

    our old Bohemian restaurant is situated in the spa center of Carlsbad opposite Divadelní náměstí.
    Our chef prepares delicacies of the traditional Czech cuisine with the touch of a master, such as roast knuckle of pork with mustard and horseradish, roast duck and cabbage, old Bohemian plate with garnish, excellent beef goulash, no less delicious roast sirloin of beef with cream sauce and cranberries, grilled steaks in various styles (chicken, beef) as well as plenty of excellent dishes of venison.
It is no problem for us to grill a piglet for you (for a smaller company)!
    Please choose from our menu, and come and taste some of the above-mentioned specialities of our picturesque, old Bohemian restaurant in the center of the spa territory of Carlsbad.

The Schweik restaurant is an ideal place for livening your visit up in the spa town of Carlsbad. It has a seating capacity of 70 inside the restaurant and 66 on two terraces (in the summer period), we serve excellent cooking, dishes are prepared by our master chef, and the waiting staff is always ready to help you.

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